BK-40 bug zapper

19,900 Ft

Increased output for enhanced effectiveness against flying insects in larger settings such as houses and gardens.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Handsome black lantern styling

Attractive addition to virtually any decor

  • High intensity UV phosphorescent bulb

Provides maximum insect luring power with minimal energy consumption

  • Outside protective enclosure

Keeps children, pets, etc. at a safe distance

  • Easy bulb replacement

No disassembly required

  • Durable Lexan® and galvanized metal construction

Keeps units operating and looking good for years

  • Unique self-cleaning vertical rod killing grid

Eliminates grid clogging that can short circuit unit or cause flare-up of insect remains.  Cleaner grids are more attractive and effective


Standard grid Flowtron grid
5,600 volt mesh grid.  Stopped working after 4 days due to clogging. Flowtron 5,600 volt vertical rod grid.  Remains clean and working all season.

Bulb:  1 x 40 watt (BF-150)

Coverage:  3,600 m2 (35m radius)

Killing grid:  5,600 volts, 9 MA

Unit dimensions:  28 x 28 x 50 cm