Bug Zappers

BK-15 bug zapper Effective flying insect control for typical settings. 14,900 Ft
BK-40 bug zapper Enhanced flying insect control for larger areas. 19,900 Ft
BK-80 bug zapper Our highest output domestic bug zapper 24,900 Ft
FC-7200 bug zapper Effective protection against flying insects for interior spaces 29,900 Ft
FC-7600 bug zapper Flying insect control for spacious rooms and covered terraces 39,900 Ft
FC-8800 bug zapper Maximum flying insect control efficiency primarily for industrial and agricultural settings 99,500 Ft

Electronic insect killers (bug zappers) attract flying insects that are active at night, such as mosquitoes, moths, etc., which respond to light.  They employ high intensity ultraviolet (UV) phosphorescent bulbs surrounded by a metal grid.  These insects are drawn to the fluorescent bulb and killed by the electrostatic grid when they pass through it.  It's not necessary for them to actaully come into contact with the grid.  The vapor in their bodies is enough to trigger an electric arc, this way even the smallest bugs are destroyed.  An outer protective enclosure prevents contact with the metal grid.  Flying insects that are active during the day, such as flies, wasps, hornets, etc. do not respond mainly to UV light as do night flying insects.  These insects repond more to odor.  Wasps and hornets can be lured with bait consisting of honey, syrup, or a mixture of sugar and water.  Flies can be lured with meat or fish scraps, or with a special hormone available as an accessory.  This fly pheromone acts as a sex attractant and is effective in luring a wide variety of commonly found types.